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Corporation China offers China Company Registration, company formation, registered address, and taxes and accounting services customized to our client’s business needs.

Corporation China was voted a the Best Company Formation
Firm 2016 and is the Leading Legal Consulting firm

in Asia Pacific with over 15 years of experience and also

the Largest with more than 40+ locations in China alone

and a Global network of over 50 offices

Largest Legal Consulting firm in Asia Pacific
First to introduce Registered Address Concept
Only to have own Special Economic Zones
4000 Lawyers & +2000 Consultants

Our Turnkey solution starts with first analyzing your business scope and operation and then strategizing the best legal and marketing path forward

We take care of the complete China Company Registration and China Company formation process.

The registration of a Consulting Company or Trading Company in China is simple, a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise, abbreviated WFOE or WOFE is the best and oftentimes only option for conducting business in China as a foreign owned entity. It is a commonly used investment vehicle for mainland China-based businesses. Registering a WFOE takes about 30 days.





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Corporation China can supply a registered office address that will be the legal address of your company. A registered address is required to register your company in China.




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Chinese Bank Account

Opening a Chinese Bank Account is a post-licensing service of ours. Corporation China has the knowledge to assist your company during the Bank Account Opening Process.


Hong Kong  Bank Account

Opening a Hong Kong Bank Account. Corporation China is also the Registered agent for some international banks , in these cases you do not need to go to the bank , we can sort out all the details and get the bank account open.








Qualitative Research

 Consumer View brings Chinese consumers together to gather deep insights into various segments of consumer’s across China.
 China Pulse collects valuable insights from a sample source of 150,000 online Chinese consumers which is then segmented across Tier’s 1, 2 & 3 cities, developed in conjunction with the National Bureau of Statistics.

WeChat Marketing, WeChat is the fastest growing app in China with currently over 600 million users. WeChat Marketing is a must for brands in China

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In Partnership with 




Corporation China we help run your company, take charge of all you accounting needs , tax filling and do all the correspondence with the government and relevant bureaus regarding your company

Corporation China will assign a TOTAL SUPPORT™ Account Manager to your Company as a single point of contact , thus enabling you to build a good relationship and help us understand your business

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China HR & Recruitment

This is the most commonly outsourced HR function and involves monthly payroll processing as well as the calculation of monthly employer and employees?

Social benefits contributions to the relevant Chinese authorities

HR Administration & Consulting Services

China’s employment environment is complex due to the need to integrate national laws and local policies


Getting a China Visa

In order to work and reside in China, you must obtain a working visa, also called a Z visa. Corporation China will assist in obtaining the appropriate visa and work permits for foreign employees who will be working in the WFOE. Employment Visas and Work Permits are good for one year and include multiple entries.

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Shanghai_free_trade_zone-china_company formation

China Company Registration, China Company Formation

China Company Registration, China Company Formation

China Company Registration, China Company Formation

China Company Registration, China Company Formation

China Company Registration, China Company Formation

China Company Registration, China Company Formation

China Company Registration, China Company Formation


 Company Registration,China Company Formation



We are in Beijing, Shanghai, Company Formation doing business in China, WFOE China Company Registration,China Company Formation
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Beijing, incorporation

We have offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Hangzhou and more
soon to come1. Company Formation in China (Incorporate company in China)

Corporation China has
been assisting foreign investors establish and maintain their subsidiaries
in China since 1999to setting up their presence throughout China. Most of
our clients chose Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Ningbo,
Guangzhou, Chengdu as their China base. Our consultants provide experienced
consulting service in the complex factors that clients need to take into
account to succeed in middle kingdom. As for incorporate a business in
China, there are 5 types of business presence in China, and Corporation
‘s business registration service covers all these Registration,China Company Formation 5:

Hong Kong company

Incorporate Wholly
Foreign Owned Enterprises (WFOE) in China
Register Foreign Representative Office (REP. OFFICE ) in China

Setting up Joint
Venture (JV) with Chinese partner’s in China

Setting up Partnership
Enterprise (PE) with Chinese individual or Foreign partner(s) in China

Corporation China’s
above business registration services in China, such like: Representative
Office Registration, Incorporate of Trading WFOE, Manufacturing WFOE,
Consulting WFOE, Retailing WFOE, Information Technology WFOE, Food &
Beverage WFOE, Information Technology etc covered major cities of China:
Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Qingdao
etc. 2. Post Incorporation Services in China

After we incorporated
your business in China, we could provide you following services which will
cover:  Accounting Services (Rep. Office ; Company: WFOE & J.V. ;
Partnership Enterprise) Payroll Services (Handling payroll, personal income
tax and social securities)

Visa services (To get
your 1 year work & residence permit in China for Free )

Corporation China is
the Official Partner in the Shanghai free-trade zone also known as the
Shanghai economic  zone

The Shanghai
free-trade company registration to registered a company in the  Shanghai
free-trade zone .

Shanghai free trade
zone company set up is easy

Investment Strategy Services Strategy determines the direction in which a
business will head. Corporation China ‘s advisory assignments always start
by answering the question: what should we do? Our Strategy Practice is
grouped into different practice areas so that resources can be optimally
allocated and devoted to develop our expertise. Meanwhile, the division of
practice areas also enables us to draw proper talents from the appropriate
offices around China to assemble the most effective consultants for
client.After reviewing company’s investment plan, some will choose to merger
with and acquisition of Domestic Enterprises, check our M&A service on how
we could help you find a smoother route to success for our clients in China:
Mergers & Acquisitions in China

4. Business Tour Arrangement As one of our
specialized services, we provide Executive Business Tour to China
periodically which covers the major cities of China: Shanghai, Beijing,
Shenzhen, Tianjin, Guangzhou etc. It has been an effective and efficient way
for business executives and entrepreneurs to find international business
opportunity in China, achieve their goal in sourcing/partnership, explore
the huge Chinese Market, build connection with government officials, and
Gain an understanding some of the key elements of Chinese business culture,
protocol, and etiquette Firstly, we are living and working throughout China.
We are intimately familiar with the current Chinese economic situation and
understand the law, culture difference and challenges of living and working
throughout this region. We have people on the ground in most major cities in
China and access to alliance partner specialists who will put your issue
first and handle it confidentially and professionally. Secondly, we don’t
seek to be know all things or to accept work in areas where others may
provide a better service. We will analyze your enquiries carefully and we
will let you know at once if we believe your matter is unlikely to achieve
the results you desire or others would represent you better. Thirdly, our
offices cover the major business hubs and regions in China market: Beijing
(Northern China, Bohai economic rim, Tianjin, Qingdao), Shanghai (Eastern
China, Yangtze delta region, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Ningbo, Yiwu, Taizhou,
Wenzhou), Shenzhen (Southern China, Pearl river delta, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Registration,China Company Formation
Guangzhou, Dongguan) allow you to use our services locally . Finally, we
believe that price matters, we listen to our clients, investigate the
market, evaluate it and provide the best service charge that we could offer
to cut down the costs of our clients. The up-to-date service charge has been
listed on this website. Interestingly, most of our clients chose us are not
because we are cheap but because we have knowledgeable & professional staffs
with efficient service support.

Company Registration
in Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone

Registration in Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone

As a
category of Shanghai Free Trade Area, Shanghai Pilot
Free Trade Zone (hereinafter referred to the “Pilot FTZ”)
is a regional free trade zone established by the
Government of China in Shanghai. The Pilot FTZ was
formally established on 22 August 2013 with the approval
of the State Council and officially opened on 29
September 2013. With a total area of 28.78 km2, equal to
1/226 of that of Shanghai, the Pilot FTZ covers four
Customs Special Supervision Areas of Shanghai Waigaoqiao
Free Trade Zone, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Bonded Logistics
Park, Yangshan Bonded Port Area, and Shanghai Pudong
International Airport Comprehensive Free Trade Zone.

Conpak is
dedicated to providing Chinese and foreign investors
with one-stop services of registration, operation and
management in the Pilot FTZ by virtue of its years’
experience and contacts in registration in these fields.
Company Registration in Six Fields

Overall Program of the Pilot FTZ has been disclosed,
together with the Measures for widely opening service
industries to cover six fields. The banking industry,
telecom value-added service, performance brokerage,
education institutions and other industries which were
not open to the public in the past will be open to
enterprises registered in the Pilot FTZ, which will be
expected to present new business opportunities to the
foreign-funded and private enterprises.

Service Industry
the specific measures for opening financial services to
the public are as follows: qualified foreign-funded
financial institutions are allowed to establish
foreign-funded banks; qualified private capital and
foreign-funded financial institutions are allowed to
establish Sino-foreign joint venture banks; limited
license banks are allowed to be established at the pilot
stage; qualified Chinese-funded banks are allowed to be
engaged in offshore banking services in the Pilot FTZ.

Service Industry
In the shipping service industry, the restriction on the
proportion of foreign capital in Sino-foreign joint or
Sino-foreign cooperative international shipping
enterprises is relaxed, and the competent transportation
authority under the State Council will be responsible
for developing relevant trial measures for management;
non-five stars flag vessels owned by either
Chinese-funded companies or Chinese-controlled companies
have the priority to try to carry import and export
containers between domestic coastal ports and Shanghai
Port; wholly foreign-owned enterprises in international
ship management are allowed to be established.

and Trade Service Industry
In terms of commerce and trade services, foreign-funded
enterprises are allowed to be engaged in some specific
types of value-added telecom services on the premise of
guaranteeing the safety of network information (if
beyond the scope of relevant administrative laws and
regulations, the State Council’s approval is a must);
foreign-funded enterprises are allowed to be engaged in
the production and sales of game and entertainment
devices, and those devices passing the content
examination of the competent culture authority may be
available for sales in the domestic market.

Professional Service Industry
The lawyer service, credit investigation, travel agency,
employment agency, investment management service,
engineering design, construction service and other
professional services will be further open to the
public. In the Pilot FTZ, the model of cooperation
between Chinese and foreign law firms will be explored;
it is permissible to establish foreign-funded credit
investigation companies, register Sino-foreign joint
venture travel agencies and Sino-foreign employment
agencies, and incorporate foreign-funded investment
companies under the stockholding system; the proportions
of Chinese and foreign investments in a Sino-foreign
joint construction project are not limited when a wholly
foreign-owned construction enterprise in the Pilot FTZ
undertakes the project in Shanghai.

Service Industry
For cultural services, the Pilot FTX will cancel the
limitation on the share proportion of a foreign-funded
performance brokerage agency, and allow to establish
wholly foreign-funded performance brokerage agencies
which can provide services in Shanghai, and to establish
wholly foreign-funded entertainment agencies which can
provide services in the Pilot FTZ.

Service Industry
Regarding social services, the Pilot FTX will allow to
establish Sino-foreign cooperative institutions in
education and training, Sino-foreign cooperative
institutions in vocational skills training, and wholly
foreign-funded medical Institutions.

of the Pilot FTZ Scale

Preferential Policies

Registration in Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone –
Shanghai Company Set up‎
Company Registration in Shanghai Free Trade Zone,FTZ
and  Shanghai Company Setup ,Shanghai Free Trade Zone
company formation is quick with corporation China,
Shanghai Free Trade Zone company set up in 5 days in
Shanghai tax free zone
Plan to open RMB capital projects

Build an
offshore finance center

Create an
innovative supervision model in the trade field

innovation and development of foreign trade logistics

Shanghai Gov’t Issues Q&A on Shanghai Free Trade
Zone Administrative Measures

Shanghai Municipal Government released the “Interpretation of the
Administrative Measures for the Shanghai Free Trade Zone (hereinafter
referred to as the ‘Interpretation’)” on October 15, which clarifies
several issues regarding the administrative measures for the Shanghai
Free Trade Zone (Shanghai FTZ). Detailed information can be found below.

Q: What is the background for introducing the “Administrative Measures
for Shanghai Free Trade Zone”?
A: With the view to regulate the daily operations of the Shanghai FTZ,
the Shanghai Municipal Government released the “Administrative Measures
for Shanghai Free Trade Zone (hereinafter referred to as ‘Measures’)” on
September 29, which clarify the administrative system and regulations
for the zone.

Q: What’s the main content of the Measures?
A: The Measures contain 39 provisions and regulate the following six

Clarifying the regulatory basis and applicable scope of the Measures, as
well as the main function of the Shanghai Registration,China Company Formation FTZ;

Clarifying the responsibility of the administration committee of the
Shanghai FTZ;

Clarifying the investment system of the Shanghai FTZ;

Clarifying the entry and exit supervision measures of the Shanghai FTZ;

Regulating the financial innovation and risk management system of the
Shanghai FTZ; and

Clarifying the measures to optimize management and services in the
Shanghai FTZ.

Q: What are the main functions of the Shanghai FTZ?
A: According to the Measures, the main functions of the Shanghai FTZ are
as follows:

Promoting the opening-up of the services industry and investment
management system reform;

Facilitating trade transformation and upgradation;

Deepening the opening-up of the financial field;

Innovating the supervision service mode;

Exploring and establishing an administrative management system in line
with international investment and trade rule systems; and

Cultivating an international and lawful business environment.

Q: Which areas will be further opened up to domestic and foreign
A: The Shanghai FTZ will deepen the opening-up level in the following

Financial services;

Shipping services;

Commercial and trade services;

Professional services;

Cultural services; and

Social services.

Moreover, the Shanghai FTZ will suspend or cancel the entry requirements
on investors’ qualifications, as well as restrictions on shareholding
proportions and business scope.

Q: Has the Shanghai FTZ rolled out any new measures in terms of foreign
investment management?
A: The Shanghai FTZ will implement a “Negative List” approach towards
foreign investment management. Foreign investment projects in the
sectors not covered under the negative list only need to go through
record-filing procedures.

Q: Has the Shanghai FTZ rolled out any new measures in terms of overseas
investment by enterprises in the zone?
A: Overseas investment projects by enterprises in the zone only need to
go through record-filing formalities.

Q: Has the Shanghai FTZ rolled out any new measures in terms of
industrial and commercial administration?
A: The Shanghai FTZ will implement a capital registration system.
Shareholders of enterprises in the zone shall agree upon the
contributing amount, forms and period independently, and record such in
the company’s articles of association.

shareholders shall be liable for the authenticity and legality of the
capital contribution and are held accountable to the enterprise within
the limits of their respective subscribed capital or shares. The
industrial and commercial authority will register the registered capital
of the company, instead of the paid-in capital.

zone will also pilot the “license before certificate” registration
system. Enterprises in the Shanghai FTZ may commence normal production
and operation activities after obtaining the business license.
Enterprises engaged in businesses which require administrative approval
may file an application with the competent authorities for the approval
items after obtaining the business license.

Q: Has the Shanghai FTZ rolled out any new measures in terms of entry
and exit supervision?
A: The Shanghai FTZ has rolled out the following entry and exit

goods transferred between the Shanghai FTZ and foreign territories,
enterprises in the zone are allowed to deliver such goods to the zone by
producing the import manifest information and file for entry record

goods transferred between the Shanghai FTZ and domestic regions, an
intelligent monitoring mode will be implemented.

Enterprises in the zone may decide when to apply for inspection on their
own before their goods are transferred outside the zone.

zone will implement a “one declaration, one inspection and one approval”

zone will implement a “centralized reporting and self-transport”
approach to promote the flow of goods between enterprises in the zone.

zone will promote a classified supervision mode for goods. Specifically:

Goods under bonded storage and processing goods in the zone will be
regulated and supervised in accordance with provisions on bonded goods;

Goods imported and exported through the port in the zone and
international transit goods will be regulated and supervised in
accordance with provisions on port goods; and

Certain domestic trade goods that enter the zone will be regulated and
supervised in accordance with provisions on non-bonded goods.

Q: Has the Shanghai FTZ rolled out any new measures in terms of
financial innovation?
A: The Shanghai FTZ  has put forward the following four measures for the
financial reform:

Convertibility under Capital Account
Under a controllable risk level, the Shanghai FTZ will implement a trial
program of RMB convertibility under the capital account, and innovate
business and management modes through separate accounting.

Interest Rate Liberalization
The Shanghai FTZ will cultivate an independent pricing mechanism in line
with the development of the real economy, and gradually promote the
reform of interest rate liberalization.

Cross-border Usage
Enterprises in the Shanghai FTZ may innovate cross-border RMB businesses
based on their actual situation, thereby to facilitate the cross-border
usage of RMB.

Foreign Exchange Management
The Shanghai FTZ will set up a foreign exchange management system to
facilitate trade investment.

Q: Has the Shanghai FTZ rolled out any new measures in terms of
strengthening comprehensive management and services?
A: The Shanghai FTZ has established a “one-off handling” system to
simplify the administrative procedures in the zone. For approval of
foreign investment projects and enterprises establishment, the industry
and commerce authorities in the zone shall accept the application
documents submitted by applicants and deliver relevant instruments to
such applicants in a unified manner.

Moreover, enterprises in the zone are required to submit annual reports
to the industry and commerce authorities. Such reports will be
publicized and enterprises will be held liable for the authenticity and
legality of the reports.