China Registered Address
Legal address of your company in China
Required for register your WOFE
Easy set up
Rental contract of office with stamp tax copy provided
We invented the Registered Address

China WFOE Registered Address

Corporation China can supply a China WFOE registered address that will be the legal address of your company. A registered address is required to register your company in China.

China Company WFOE registered address – Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen , Guangzhou

We invented the Registered Address

  • Quick and easy set up
  • 2 to 3 days to get your Company Registration Address
  • Needed to register your company
  • WFOE or RO
  • Shanghai Free Trade Zone
  • Shanghai Foreign Investment Zone

We Provide You with:

  • Contract Length: 1 to 3 years (extension available).
  • One month notice required for contract cancellation.
  • Property layout drawings and other documents.
  • Leasing/Rental contract of office with stamp tax copy.

Required documents:

  • copy of your passport,
  • approved company name for invoice

China Registered Address FAQ

Why use a Registered Address ?

Your Corporation China Registered Address is a good way to register your Chinese Company as you do not need to rent an expensive office .

Can I use the address to Register my China Company?

Yes , It can be used for all Chinese Companies , WFOE , Representatives offices , Trading Companies.

Can I use the address to get a Work Permit and Visa?

Yes , It can be used for Visa

Is there any monthly bills ?


Can I use the Registered Address as a office ?

Yes you can , but addition cost will apply

Can I work from my home or another office , if I use the Registered Address ?

Yes you can , the law states you can work anywhere in the province you are registered in.

Example: If your Registered Address is in Shanghai , then you may share an office or even use a serviced office anywhere in Shanghai or work from a Coffee Shop.

China WFOE registered address

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