Shanghai Free Trade Zone Company Registration

  • No restriction Money Transfer
  • Fast Set-up
  • No Registered Capital needed

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Shanghai Free Trade Zone

Shanghai Free-trade Zone is the first Hong Kong-like free trade area in mainland China. The plan was first announced by the government in July and it was personally endorsed by Premier Li Keqiang who said he wanted to make the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Company a snapshot of how China can upgrade its economic structure. The benefits of China’s latest innovation in encouraging Foreign Investment are clear. It is now possible for foreign entities to open a Limited Company in Shanghai Free Trade Zone with NO real capital requirements. This is the gateway for an easy, low-risk and fast entrance into the Chinese market.

It is now possible for foreign entities to open a Limited Company in Shanghai Free Trade Zone with NO real capital requirements.

This enables Foreign companies to enter the Chinese market quickly and with minimal risk.

Advantages of SHANGHAI Free Trade Zone


Mainly for import and export companies, zero customs, tariff reduction and circulation taxes are lower , particularly lower transportation costs


The registration will complete in 1 week, except for import and export license takes 2 weeks

Scope of Business

There are no limits on the scope of business

Registered Capital


Currency Exchange

Free currency exchange with no Limitations

VAT returns

Export VAT return in a month


  • Shipping Industry
  • Financial Service
  • Commerce and Trade Service
  • Export Trading Industry
  • Professional Service Industry
  • Cultural Service Industry
  • Social Service Industry
  • Media Industry

What NEEDED to start registration of Free Trade Zone Company in Shanghai


The procedure to set up a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise is very similar regardless which WFOE you want to establish. We have created a very simple procedure for our clients to get their Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise Registration started in China. All you need to do is to deliver the documents to us and we sort out the rest. It is not necessary for you to be in China to get the process started. You can use a Hong Kong Company (recommended), set up as an Individual or your existing Overseas Company and then apply a specific license depending on your business scope.

What documents are required to start.

  1. A scan of your passport
  2. A Personal Bank Reference Letter
  3. Choose a name for the your China WFOE
  4. Choose a location for the company in China
  • Notarized copy of Passport of Director and Company Registration Certificate
  • Hong Kong Company Registration Certificate
  • Hong Kong Company Bank Reference Letter
  • The Hong Kong Company will then be the Holding Company for the WFOE
  • We can set up a Hong Kong Company in about 5 days


  • China Consulting Company Registration
  • A Passport Scan of the Director(s)
  • A Certificate of Company incorporation
  • A Company Bank Reference Letter – stating no bad record
  • All Documents need to be notarized by the Chinese Embassy.
  • This way is good for a Representative Office, but a Hong Kong Holding company is more suitable WFOE

Our Turnkey solution starts with first analyzing your business scope and operation and then strategizing the best legal and marketing path forward

We take care of the complete China Company Registration and China Company formation process. The registration of a Consulting Company or Trading Company in China is simple, a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise, abbreviated WFOE or WOFE is the best and oftentimes only option for conducting business in China as a foreign owned entity. It is a commonly used investment vehicle for mainland China-based businesses. Registering a WFOE takes about 30 days. Save Save Save Save

Corporation China can supply a registered address that will be the legal address of your company. A registered address is required to register your company in China. Save Save Save

Chinese Bank Account

Opening a Chinese Bank Account is a post-licensing service of ours. Corporation China has the knowledge to assist your company during the Bank Account Opening Process. Hong Kong Bank Account Opening a Hong Kong Bank Account. Corporation China is also the Registered agent for some international banks , in these cases you do not need to go to the bank , we can sort out all the details and get the bank account open.

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Qualitative Research

Consumer View brings Chinese consumers together to gather deep insights into various segments of consumer’s across China.
China Pulse collects valuable insights from a sample source of 150,000 online Chinese consumers which is then segmented across Tier’s 1, 2 & 3 cities, developed in conjunction with the National Bureau of Statistics.
WeChat Marketing, WeChat is the fastest growing app in China with currently over 600 million users. WeChat Marketing is a must for brands in China In Partnership with

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ACCOUNTING SERVICES Corporation China we help run your company, take charge of all you accounting needs , tax filling and do all the correspondence with the government and relevant bureaus regarding your company Corporation China will assign a TOTAL SUPPORT™ Account Manager to your Company as a single point of contact , thus enabling you to build a good relationship and help us understand your business Save

China Legal Services

Yingke has over 4000 experienced lawyers in China that could provide you with the following China legal services in China foreign investment:

  • Corporate Finance
  • China Merger and Acquisition
  • China Foreign Investment
  • China Intellectual Property
  • Banking and Finance
  • China Dispute Resolution

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China HR & Recruitment This is the most commonly outsourced HR function and involves monthly payroll processing as well as the calculation of monthly employer and employees? Social benefits contributions to the relevant Chinese authorities HR Administration & Consulting Services

China’s employment environment is complex due to the need to integrate national laws and local policies

Getting a China Visa

In order to work and reside in China, you must obtain a working visa, also called a Z visa. Corporation China will assist in obtaining the appropriate visa and work permits for foreign employees who will be working in the WFOE. Employment Visas and Work Permits are good for one year and include multiple entries.

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