Marco Pearman-Parish

President of Yingke Vensco CEO of Corporation China

Dr Marco Pearman-Parish is the President of Yingke Vensco and the CEO of Corporation China . With 25 years of experience he brings his expertise and knowledge. He is also the Brand Ambassador of Portugal in China and Managing Director of Rage Group.
Rafael Ye

CEO of Yingke Vensco

Specialised in direct investment in China including support in legal matters, accountancy and taxation advice and human resources Experienced in dealing with complex Foreign Investment, China Tax issues, Complex financial solutions in China, Corporate Immigration and Brand Licensing. Specialised in Foreign Investment in China, Company Law,International Trade Law and Intellectual Property Law. Excellent English communication…
Arnodo Neto

Regional Manager

Arnodo determines the operational practices of all branches in Shanghai, making sure each runs smoothly, cleanly, complies with marketing and sales campaigns and meets budget and sales goals. He is responsible for developing marketing plans that align with the business’ strategy. Arnodo also creates and maintains budgets, and coordinate with and report to senior management in…
Jay Lei

FDI Manager

Jay is the Foreign Direct Investment Manager and coordinators with Overseas Company Formation
Shane Fu

Account Manager

Shane is one of our account managers in Corporation China. He takes each case personally and always deliver great results to his clients. His field of expertise also includes Visas in China.
Grace Ma

Branch Manager

Grace is the Shanghai Branch office manager. With many years of experience in this field, she makes sure the office staff go through every necessary procedure to produce the best and most efficient solutions to any of our clients' enquiries.
Sherry Li

Accounting Manager

Fluent in Mandarin and English, Sherry is the main point of contact for our tax and accounting support packages. She knows the ins and outs of bookkeeping in China and can offer superior tax and revenue structures when setting up Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises.
Tina Chen

Finance Manager

Tina is one of our Finance Manager with over 10 years of experience in bookkeeping and auditing. Her task is to handle key clients and oversee the tax and accounting department. She is a multi-certified accountant.
Andy Zhang


Andy is a multi-talented consultant in Corporation China. Andy is a tech and IT expert and helps IT and Engineering company coming into China to establish their operations. He is also involved in the marketing team and film & photography production. Besides his tech-savvy work, he also help clients with their company registration and IPC…
Felice He


Felice is the administrator of our Shanghai Office. She is responsible for taking care of the logistics for our daily consultant-client meetings. She is also a main point of contact for the registration of corporate bank accounts for customers and maintains great relationships with several bank branches in the area.
Shane Wang

Marketing & Project Manager

Shane coordinates the marketing campaign and manages the social media activities for clients and also heads up Project Management division in Shanghai FDI Branch. He's also in charge of CRM data analyzing and works with the Brand Asia team to help overseas brands enter in the Chinese Market
Brad Emery

Managing Director

Bradley has 24 years of General Management and Business Development experience with the last 16 years spent in Asia. Brad serves as Managing Director Hong Kong To date Brad has built 4 businesses with annual revenue over US$100 million in markets as diverse as Korea, Taiwan and Mainland China. Brad has been Interim CEO for…